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The conference material is available to all under the terms of the Creative Commmons Attribution-Share Alike license
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Session files and videos from the conference program are now starting to be made available online. For presentations currently online please see the following pages:

Academic Track
Lightening Talks
Birds of a feather
Spatial Ignite

If you notice your presentation files are missing please don't hesitate to It may be an oversight or we may need you to send us your material again.

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Lightening Talks

Three speakers, five minutes each, bringing concise overviews of open source geospatial software, community building, open geodata projects, and amazing whizzy demonstrations!

Dale Lutz

Dale Lutz

Dale Lutz is the co-founder and Vice President of Software Development for Safe Software Inc., based in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Along with business partner Don Murray, Dale created Safe’s flagship product FME, which is now the globally recognized standard in spatial ETL. Dale is a Computer Science Honors graduate and a Masters recipient with specialty in Usability for Software Technology from the University of Alberta. Starting his career at MacDonald Dettwiler, Dale went on to co-found Safe Software in 1993. As Vice-President of Safe Software, Dale uses his 20 years experience in software to guide the core development of FME, refining and optimizing the user experience in the GUIs of the FME platform, and leading the integration of FME technology into third-party GIS applications. Known for his expertise in data interoperability, Dale regularly speaks at conferences and tradeshows around the world, sharing his passion for making data accessible to those who need it.

Download files for Lightening talk by Dale Lutz
Watch the video of Lightening talk by Dale Lutz


Peter Fraser

Peter Fraser

Peripheral Visionary, GIS pastoralist, and convert to Rest First Development. SpatialMedia is the commercial face of Peter Fraser. He lives in New Zealand (think beaches and open space), in the fine city of Auckland (think gridlock). He works at home as much as he can. Certain sections of SpatialMedia code were written by his kids, who are one and three. read more at: http://www.spatialmedia.com/pete/

Download files for Lightening talk by Peter Fraser
Watch the video of Lightening talk by Peter Fraser


Tyler Mitchell

Tyler Mitchell

Tyler Mitchell is a long time GIS user and geographer. He is Executive Director for OSGeo, author of "Web Mapping Illustrated - Using Open Source GIS Toolkit" (O'Reilly, 2005), and Editor in Chief of the OSGeo Journal. His passion is integration of geospatial applications to solve real world problems as well as promoting uptake of these tools through the OSGeo Foundation.

Download files for Lightening talk by Tyler Mitchell
Watch the video of Lightening talk by Tyler Mitchell